GENERAL TERMS and CONDITIONS are an integral part of every service provided by RB travel d.o.o. (seat: Giuseppe Verdi 2, Opatija, Croatia; office in Rijeka, Andrije Medulica 8, Croatia, ID-CODE: HR-AB-51-040161223 ; VAT ID: HR21512857504 ) when "RB travel d.o.o." acts as the responsible organizer ( hereinafter referred to as the Organizer).

I. SUBJECT OF THE CONTRACT. The Contract regulates the mutual rights and obligations of the Organizer and the Contractor of the trip. It also regulates the rights and obligations of 3rd parties, in cases when the Contractor concludes the contract for the benefit of a third party ( hereinafter referred to as the Traveler). In these cases, the Traveler acquires his own and direct right for the provision of services from the part of the Organizer. The Contractor is responsible for the accuracy of all the information provided to the Organizer and guarantees that he is authorized by the Traveler to provide his / her personal data and to accept all legal obligations arising from the Contract and positive legal regulations. If a notice has been published in a particular program or offer other than those published in these general terms and conditions, the notice published in the program / offer applies.

II. BOOKINGS and PAYMENTS. Bookings can be made in person in our office, in all authorized travel agencies ( re-sellers; booking points ), as well as by providing the necessary information by e-mail, phone, fax and other means of digital communication. Based on the request, the Organizer will offer the Traveler a "Contract". By signing the "Contract" the Traveler confirms that he agrees with the content of the travel arrangement, the "General Terms and Conditions" as well as the insurance notice and the privacy notice and fully accepts all conditions. The contract is considered to have been concluded and valid even if it has not been signed by the Traveler or the Contractor but the consent of the parties is confirmed by fax, e-mail online booking or other means of digital communication, just by making the payment to the Organizer`s bank account or by placing a valid credit card number. In order to confirm a booking, a deposit is required in the amount of at least 30% of the total price. The balance is due not later than 21 days before departure. The contract is considered binding from the moment of the payment of the corresponding amount within the agreed deadline.

III. PROGRAM PRICES. All prices are charged in local kuna currency obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro or other foreign currency into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. The Organizer reserves the right to change the price no later than 20 days before the start of the journey, and only later if circumstances arise which the Organizer could not foresee or prevent (currency change, change of transportation costs, fuel, fees etc.). To increase the price up to 10%, no consent is required. In the case of a price increase of more than 10%, the Traveler has the right to cancel the contract without the right to compensation.

IV. TRAVEL INSURANCE. Published rates do not include travel insurance. In accordance with the Croatian Act on the provision of Tourism Services, the Organizer highly recommends to all travellers to book a travel insurance package (health insurance, baggage insurance, accident insurance, travel cancellation risk) in their domicile country.

V. THE RIGHT of the TRAVELER to CHANGE or CANCEL If the traveler wishes to change or cancel the reservation, it has to be in written (e-mail, mail or fax) . The cancellation costs will be calculated from the date on which the Organizer receives a written request for the cancellation, as follows: - up to 30 days before departure 10% of the cost of the total price and min.15,00 EUR - 21 - 15 days before departure 50% of the total price - 14 - 8 days before departure 80% of the total price, - 7 - 0 days before departure 100% of the total price - after departure, 100% of the total price.
PRIVATE EXCURSIONS AND TOURS are subject to special cancellation costs, and for cancellations 14 - 0 days prior to departure we reserve 100% of the total price.
Inadequate weather conditions cannot be the cause of the cancellation of the title of force majeure.

The Organizer reserves the right to change or cancel the services no later than 5 days before departure in the event of not reaching the minimum number of passengers indicated in the program by refunding all deposits paid by the client, but without compensation. The Organizer may change or cancel the program any time without refunds and compensations in cases of exceptional circumstances that cannot be avoided or excluded and have not existed at the time of publication and sale of the program (war, riots, strikes, terrorist actions, natural disasters, sanitary disturbances, delay of means of transport, change of timetables, etc.).

VII. OBLIGATIONS of ORGANIZERS. The Organizer is obliged to provide services included in the package travel contract and to care about the rights and interests of travelers. The Organizer is responsible for the inability to provide services unless the inability is linked to exceptional circumstances as described in paragraphs VI and VII. The Organizer in accordance with the Law on the Provision of Tourism Services has contracted a valid insolvency insurance policy as well as a liability insurance policy covering any damage as a result of non-performance, partial performance or undue performance of the obligations related to a package trip with the insurance company Allianz Zagreb d.d. The employee of the Organizer is obliged to familiarize the travel contractor with basic travel, visa and health formalities before signing the contract.

The organizer reserves the right to change the day, hour and departure of the journey without any compensation to the Traveler, if such change has occurred for justified reasons that the Organizer could not influence or could not have foreseen. The Organizer retains the right to change the accommodation facilities stated in the program or offer, offering different accommodation of the same or higher category on its own expense, due to changes outside his culpability (eg. overbooking of a hotel) without compensation for the damage caused to the Traveler. The Organizer excludes any liability in the event of changes and non-performance of services caused by the occurrence of extraordinary circumstances that could not be foreseen, avoided or excluded. The Organizer will not be held liable for any damage caused by the change of the program due to the change of the time of departure and arrival of the means of transport and delays due to the delay of departure. The Organizer does not pay any damages or fees for services that have not been used by the Traveler. If the Contractor has signed the Contract as a "Last Minute" or "Fortuna System" (eg. booking a lower category hotel with possible upgrade subject to availability) then the Traveler accepts all the risks of such a trip. Such trips contain uncertain facts that the Organizer cannot influence, and the Traveler has primarily accepted the trip for a more favorable price and therefore has no right of complaints.

IX. OBLIGATIONS OF THE ORGANIZER WHEN CHANGING a CONTRACT. If the Organizer, prior to the start of the tour, significantly changes the program, accommodation or price, for reasons other than the exclusion of the organizer from the t.VI. and VII., it is obliged to notify the Traveler without delay, and at the same time offer him an amended contract. The Traveler is obliged to respond to the new offer within 2 (two) working days. If the Traveler disagrees, it is considered that the the new contract has not been accepted and the Traveler is entitled to a full refund within 8 days. In the event of acceptance of the amended contract, the Traveler has no claims against the Organizer on any ground except for the right to refund the part of the price if the substitute arrangement has a lower price.

X. CATEGORIZATION AND SERVICE DESCRIPTION. Offered accommodation facilities, means of transport and other services are described according to official categorization at the time of the program / offer. Standards of accommodation and services in each country are different and not comparable, and the Organizer cannot influence them.

XI. OBLIGATIONS AND PASSENGER RESPONSIBILITIES. The Traveler is obliged to provide the Organizer with information when submitting the application and submit the documents required for the organization of the arrangement. The Traveler is obliged to take care of their documents, things and personal safety, and make sure that personal documents and luggage are in compliance with the customs, health and other regulations of his own country as well as the destination country and the carrier`s baggage conditions. If, due to non-compliance with customs regulations, loss of or theft of documents, travelers are denied further travel, all costs incurred as a result, must be covered by the Traveler. The Traveler is obliged to comply with the rules of hotels and other service providers and cooperate with the representative of the Organizer and the service provider in good faith, as any average person would do. In the event of non-compliance with these obligations, the Traveler shall be liable to the Organizer for any damages. The Traveler shall be liable for any damage to the Organizer if he or she presents untruths that violate his or her honor and reputation.

XII. LUGGAGE. The Traveler is entitled to free luggage transport according to certain standards. Unless stated otherwise in the program or offer, the luggage limitations are: 15 kg for charter flights, 20 kg for regular airline lines, 2 travel packages of the usual size for bus transportation. Children up to 2 years do not have the right to free luggage transport. The Organizer is not responsible for the luggage transport, and does not respond to damage, loss, loss or theft of luggage. The Traveler has to bear the costs of transporting excess baggage in air transportation.

XIII. COMPLAINTS. The Traveler is obligated to become familiar with the description of the program. Immediately after notice of failure to comply with the Contract, the Traveler is obliged to submit a complaint directly to the Service Provider and the Organizer's representative, who are obliged to resolve this complaint as soon as possible. In doing so, the Traveler shall cooperate in solving the complaint. If the Traveler does not receive a satisfactory resolution of the complaint, he / she is obliged to draw up a written confirmation with the Organizer's representative, signed by all present parties and retaining one copy for himself. If a representative or a service provider refuses to sign a complaint, other credible witnesses may also be signed, which will be later presented to the Organizer. The Traveler is obliged to submit to the Organizer a written confirmation and all relevant evidence (eg. photographs) fully arguing the complaint, no later than 8 days after the end of the trip, otherwise the Organizer is not obliged to consider the complaint. The organizer has to resolve all complaints within 15 days from the day of receipt of the complaints. The deadline may be extended for the next 15 days in order to collect information and to check the statements from the complaint. Compensation for damage due to non-fulfillment, partial fulfillment or improper performance of the Contract cannot be higher than the price of the arrangement, thus excluding the right of the passenger to compensate for the ideal damage. A reasonable price reduction can be determined in relation to the amount of unused part of the service or the difference in the contracted category of accommodation and other services. In the case of a court dispute, the parties agree on the applicable Croatian law.

XIV. INSOLVENCY. In case of insolvency, the Traveler must contact the Insurance Company Allianz Zagreb d.d. as soon as possible. www.allianz.hr Phone 00385/(0)1/3670 367, telefax 00385/(0)1/3670 355, and must enclose proof of travel payment.

Usual check in time in Hotels is after 14.00h, in apartments after 17.00h, and check out by 10.00 AM. Late check in (after 20.00h) is required to be specifically announced. - PERSONAL EXPENSES - The usual services that are paid on the spot are: drinks, wellness services, garage, room service, sports facilities, minibar, telephone, internet and more.
For services where RB travel acts as an intermediary ( selling point ) , the General Terms and Conditions of the Responsible Organizer apply.

Our Privacy Policy is an integral part of these General Terms and conditions and has been published and regularly updated on our web site, and always available on request. Your personal data as well as personal data of 3rd persons you provided to us are being used solely for the purpose of providing services you have requested from us. We transmit personal data to third parties only if they are engaged as a service provider you have reserved, if this is our legal obligation or is in the public interest and, if necessary, to protect your security or other person's security.

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