I`m starting my blog with some infos I`m usually missing while travelling. It`s always easy to find infos on monuments, restaurants , bars, what to do, where to go etc. 

BUT there are some issues a traveler can face:



ISSUE No.1: Money, money, money & MONEY EXCHANGE

Can`t live without it…can`t travel without it….

Money fact No.1: yes we are in the European Union and no we don`t use euros :-)  KUNA is still our official currency!

Money fact No.2: there is absolutely no shop of any kind that will accept euros. Bars and restaurants might accept euros but they will charge their money exchange commission ;) You should definitely ask the waiter in advance if they accept euros.

Money fact No.3: do not change money in banks – they have high commissions. There are money exchange offices on every corner of the city - they don`t charge commissions and they all tend to have  unique exchange rates. 

Handy locations of money exchange offices are under the RI department store just across the Tourist Information centre ( address view on map ) . 

Slightly less favorable exchange rates are available in money exchange offices in shopping centres: Tower centar and  ZTC centar . 

Money fact No.3: Euros ( except coins under 50 cents ) are accepted for toll fees on Croatian Motorways .

Money fact No.4: Only cash-kunas are accepted for paying open parking spaces!!  Credit cards (and kunas) are accepted only in public garages!

Money fact No.5: If you are arriving from Slovenia – don`t change money to kunas there, they will rob you off ;) 

Money fact No.6: Credit and debit cards ( Visa, Master, American Express, Diners, Maestro, Visa Electron ) are accepted in the vast majority of restaurants and shops. Not accepted in most bars and cafès.


ISSUE No.2: OPENING HOURS ( Public holidays ) & SHOPPING

Open Sign

SHOPS in the city centre: non stop Monday – Friday 9AM ( some from 8AM ) – 08:00PM. Saturdays 9AM – 1PM

BARS every day 7am - Midnight or later

RESTAURANTS every day usually 12am – 10pm ( usually last hour to order )

GREEN MARKETS every day: 7:30 am – ca.12.30 am

SHOPPING CENTRES ( Tower centre and ZTC centre ): every day 9am – 9pm

SUPERMARKETS ( Lidl, Kaufland, Billa, Konzum, Plodine ) outside the Old town Monday – Saturday 7am-9pm ( some even later ) , Sundays 7am-7pm ( some even later ).

PUBLIC HOLIDAYS when almost everything is closed ( apart a few bars, restaurants, gas stations, an SOS pharmacy and similar ) are only Christmas , New year and Easter.

Other public holidays when shopping centres and Supermarkets have special opening hours are: 26.12., 01.05., Easter Monday ( changes every year ), Corpus Christi ( Public holiday but special hours apply ).

You should check for Museums, galleries etc. for any of the above mentioned dates.





Is not an issue :-)

It`s really hard to find a person who doesn`t speak English. Many speak Italian too. 

p.s. When asking locals for help don`t ask for a street - just don`t :-) rather ask them where you need to go ( name the bar, restaurant, museum...). There is even a blog going around making fun of us  :-) 




ISSUE No.4: WiFi





Is not an issue :-)

Most bars and restaurants have free WiFi. The Korzo pedestrian zone has free WiFi :-)

BUT! If you need really good signal for business purposes and you`re staying in an apartment , check if they have a separate connection!





ISSUE No.5: CHARGING, PLUGS, GPL and electric vehicle chargers 

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   This is how our plugs look like.

   Adapters can be bought in computer, IT and similar shops e.g.Ventex , HG Spot, Elipso.

   GPL is not an issue :-) Available on most gas stations!

  Electric vehicle and e-bikes chargers are free and they are available in 2 public garages:

  Garage Zagrad and next to it iz "Zagrad B" garage.





   Are not an issue and are very cheap!  

   The city centre rate is ca.3 euros for 5km :-)

   If not ordered on spot, you can use the Uber or Cammeo  apps!







We only have buses. The bus company still doesn`t have a website in english :-)

There are maps on every station. 

You can buy 2 way tickets on any newspaper stand and they are cheaper than buying a single way ticket from the bus driver. A 2-way ticket costs ca.2,10 euros for the 1st zone.

The number 32 will take you to Opatija and you`ll need a 3rd zone ticket for this ride ( 2-way cost ca. 3,50 euros). The 32 line departs every ca.30 minutes just across the Jelacicev trg square.

There is also a colorful Tourist bus  connecting Opatija – Rijeka – Trsat and the Tower shopping centre June-September.





     Not an issue :-) Thank God we`re still lucky to live in a very safe country!

 Do watch out your possessions and be aware of pickpockets especially on public buses, the            green market , in large groups … Take special care of your mobile phone and wallet on the    beaches!!!!






Not an issue :-)

The name of our town is Rijeka translated to english = river! Our tap water is delicious and safe to drink! There are several new public water taps around town where you can refill your bottles. Drink plenty, keep your body hydrated and feel free to ask for a free glass in any bar or restaurant where you already ordered something else. In most bars they will bring you a free glass of water with your coffee by default :-)





An issue! There aren`t any I would suggest…. ! 

My suggestion is to do the most popular thing in Croatia ;-) sit for a coffee  ( and powder your nose) :-)

Upcoming next :-) PARKING in Rijeka , Travelling to Rijeka with (small) KIDS, LOCAL FOOD AND BEVERAGES… 



Tips by Maja , #originalrijeka

Disclaimer: all given infos are subject to change and were checked on 27.04.2016.



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